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Let me introduce myself

Posted by Alison Lush on

Well it's been a long time coming and I am so excited to write my first blog.  So, I just wanted to introduce myself to you (some of you probably already know me well and I welcome all customers new and old, friends and family).

I often get asked how I got started.  I have to say, that I owe a lot to my mum as she was a serial crafter, seamstress, crochet master, lace maker, brooch maker, you name it, my mum just loved making things and she was amazingly good at them all.  I remember as a child (like most children) I just loved watching TV in the evening, but my mum would get some wool, get a knitting pattern and suggest that I could watch TV and knit at the same time. 

So, my love of crafts and making things started very young.  I remember my first knitted jumper was short in the body and the arms were so long, they nearly touched the floor!  So thanks to my mum I learnt to crochet, sew, knit and make all sorts of crazy things.

I got distracted along the way by working in the corporate world for a good few years, but I always knew that I would start a business someday making something with my hands.  It was a long time coming.   So I started making jewellery for my friends and family and sold a few pieces to colleagues at work.  I just loved it and went on to study silversmithing part-time for the next four years whilst holding down a full time job.  After being made redundant I seized the moment.  It's now or never.  So, my jewellery business was born.




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