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Geometric Statement Silver Bangle

  • £2200

Bold, geometric, statement, one off set of silver bangles.  Bangles should never be boring.  As each bangle is unique they sit at irregular angles which creates a shifting movement untypical of most bangles.  But what this really means is they stand out.  Great if you want to dress up a plain outfit.  These will not go unnoticed.

If you want to decide on your size.  Take a piece of cardboard about half an inch in thickness by say 8, 9, 10 inches long.  Sellotape the ends.  Alter it until the strip fits snuggly over you your whole hand and make sure you can get it off again.  Once you have the size cut through the card and measure the length on a ruler.  The more snug the fit the better.

They are made with sterling silver and they come in two different sizes.  Although these can be made to any length/size upon request.

dimensions:  small - length of silver 8.25cm and medium - length of silver 8.5cm

This item is ready to be shipped (normally the very next day).   All jewellery comes packaged in one of my personalised boxes.

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