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Hope and Curiosity - My Dad Inspired Me

Posted by Alison Lush on

To be honest my Dad has always been a hero to me.  My Mum was the creative inspiration and why I started my jewellery business.  But after losing my Mum over 14 years ago, I have developed a closer bond with my Dad and the more I get to know him, he just fills me with more love and inspiration.

To be honest, when I was growing up he used to sit in his chair and be that stable, authoritative Dad that piped up now and then.  Always there for us with his words of wisdom, even if we didn't listen (which was most of the time).

One of the things I love about him the most is his lust for knowledge and his curiosity.  I read an article about the two most important things that brings us happiness in our lives and apparently the top two came out at 'curiosity' and 'hope'.  It made me think of my Dad.  At 94, he always has his head in a book, he loves his encyclopaedias and reference books on natural history, the solar system, geology and countless other topics.  He knows so much there is to know. 

I love seeing his eyes light up when talks about the latest documentary on television.  Last week we had a conversation on how fascinated he was on how baked beans were made.  He has never stopped learning, seeking more knowledge and still spellbound at the wonders of our world (even baked beans). 

It then dawned on me how much he has influenced me.  I love the fact that today you can learn absolutely anything.  You can change career whenever you want.  You can change the direction of your life by studying and learning something new.

When my Dad's nurseries business collapsed overnight from the combination of a frost and the greenhouse generator breaking down.  He lost everything. He didn't sit back and feel sorry for himself.  He took himself off to Agricultural College to study and become a lecturer in environmental studies.

So, when I was unhappy with my lot working in the Corporate World in the City, I was already seeking a new direction - taking some jewellery classes.  Learning something new.  Having hope and curiosity.

For as long as I can remember,  I have been learning new things, jewellery making, marketing, photography, mindfulness or whatever took my fancy.  There are always courses to inspire and expand your knowledge.  

With both my Dad and my Mum being teachers, they also wanted to pass their knowledge onto others.

So, the course I am working through at at the moment is a course on How to Teach and Run Online Courses.  I am thinking about Beginner Jewellery Courses starting with the basic tools and how much you can make with these.  Also, maybe a course on How to Get Started with your Creative Business.  It's my next project and as yet, I am not sure how this is going to pan out.  However, I hope I will never stop learning like my Dad.  You can never have too much knowledge.  So watch this space.

And for yourself - I wish you Curiosity and Hope for the future.

Alison x



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