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What to Wear for your Zoom Meetings - our New Social Life

Posted by Alison Lush on


I was having one of those days (in lock down) 2021 when I got excited by the thought of an online catch up, I think it was on zoom.  I got excited because I could put my lippy on and wear some big, in your face earrings.  I realised that this is what I would do normally if I was going out out!

So, I just wondered if anyone else felt the same.  Those small things, like actually putting on lipstick for one (as not one really needs it under a mask).  Such simple pleasures.

So I was on one of those online meet ups where there were about twenty five of us in total and I kept being drawn to my earrings!  It's not an ego thing, but these earrings stood out.  One of the important elements (apart from being large) for my jewellery is the movement it creates when you wear a piece of mine, especially earrings.  There I was thinking, well you can't miss my earrings.

So, I thought I would write this as a testament to our current situation and how jewellery really does affect your mood even when you are in a lock down.  It brings that joy that you associate about going out.  It's that feeling when you get ready to put on that red dress and dance the night away (or is that a song).  It brings excitement of what that night might bring.  Images of music playing in the background.  It still takes me back to my 20's really.  All from putting on a pair of earrings that you would normally associate with going out.

So, I am going to make the most of my new form of socialising and I don't care what others think.  It makes me feel good and that's all right by me.

p.s.  I have a love of statement earrings so if you would like to take a look the click this link here (don't worry they are not all big).


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