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Why do People Love Geometric Shapes in Jewellery

Posted by Alison Lush on

So, why do people love geometric shapes in Jewellery? 

I have often asked myself this question as since


I started making jewellery over 20 years ago, I have always had a collection or range of geometric jewellery.  Is it nostalgia for growing up in the 70's or 80's?  The love of art deco?  But geometric jewellery goes way back even before Anglo Saxon and Roman times.  It's part of our DNA.

I also have a few ideas, but I maybe biased as I love geometric jewellery.

You can wear it for any occasion and it goes with anything

Weddings, for the office, special occasions, going out and it's one of the best types of jewellery for day into evening.  You can wear it big and bold or small in discreet.  So many options.

Great for the Office

Trying to get the right jewellery to wear for the office is tricky.  You can't go wearing too much bling or lots of sparkles.  Geometric jewellery fulfils that bold, simple, statement piece that you want to wear to the office that gives you confidence for all those important meetings.  It has that classy, chic classic look that you want for the office and it can be bold, or simple, depending on your mood.  You don't need to think too much before stepping out that door, as it goes with anything.


Modern and minimalist

It never seems to date.  It always feels contemporary and modern. A simple pair of circle studs should be in everyone's jewellery box. 


For me, it's it versatility that I love.  Some of my earrings I make are big, bold, in your face kind of pieces, but I still love the simplicity of just wearing a simple pair of circle studs.  You can also wear circles, with squares, with triangles and even layer them with each other.   There are no rules,  as they all seem to work together.

I just can's image not having a geometric element to my jewellery, it's the best type of jewellery for all styles and ages.



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