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Mum My Creative Inspiration

Posted by Alison Lush on

I had the most amazing childhood and I have to owe my love of creating things to my most amazing mum.  People are curious as to how I got started making jewellery, but this goes right back to my mum who made everything from clothes (she taught dressmaking in adult education), knitting, crochet, lacemaking.  She had a side business in making and selling jewellery, selling artwork made from pressed flowers and she was a total inspiration.

I remember as a child watching TV she and would come along with a ball of wool, knitting pattern and needles and would say 'why don't you try and make this?'  She couldn't bear me just sitting in front of the TV doing nothing.
Not all my creations were wearable though.  I remember a particular jumper I knitted.  When I sewed it together the sleeves almost touched the floor and the V neck came down to the waste!  A new fashion perhaps!  But it was the joy of making things that I remember more then what I was going to do with it when it was finished.

So that is where my love of making things started and I always thought that I would have a creative business one day. 
And so the journey began …….

Alison x

p.s.   I am the one mum's arms wearing a dashing handmade, all-in-one jumpsuit!

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