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How to Find the Right Size Bangle for your Wrists

Posted by Alison Lush on

If you want to make sure that you get the right size bangle just follow these easy steps.

1.  If you have a bangle that already fits then just measure the inside diameter.  This is normally around 6 to 8cm.  Just measure from left to right straight across the middle (see below)   Note: make sure the bangle you are measuring is completely round otherwise your size will not be accurate.

2.  To measure your hand get your small finger and bring it that together with your thumb.  Take a tape measure and put it around the widest part of your hand, which is normally across the knuckles.  Make a note of the measurement and this would be your inside circumference.

3.  If you don't have a tape measure, just get a piece of string, ribbon or card and measure your hand in the same way.  Mark the point where it fits snuggly around your hand.  Then measure the length against a ruler.

4.  If you want to make absolutely sure you have the right size you can take the measurements from 2 and 3 and get a firm piece of cardboard and mark out the circumference.  Cut it and Sellotape the ends forming a rough circle.  Then try it on for size and adjust it is you need to.

Most bangles will be shown with both the diameter and circumference so either measurement would be good.

If you need any more help then just drop me a message on my contact form.





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