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Valentines! Do you buy a little something for yourself (or is it just me)!

Posted by Alison Lush on

Valentines Day is coming around again.  It's time for me to treat myself to something nice.  

I actually do this for my birthday and at Christmas too.  Well,  I am an independent woman after all.  If I want something, I never wait for someone to buy it.  I just get it, right!

I was wondering if this is what you do?  Am I alone in this?

I always find Valentine's Day a funny one.  There is so much pressure for your other halves to treat you, pamper you and buy you that special something (or even propose). Are they being romantic, or just doing it because they feel that they should?

I remember going to school on Valentines Day and everyone asking if I got any Valentines Day cards that morning?  Ah no!   Because I am a child!  But, me and my friend came up with a cunning plan to send each other a card, so we could just say "oh Yes".  So, Valentines has always had a bitter sweet day for me.

Don't get me wrong, I love all those true romantics out there and I salute you all.

But, if you have a partner like mine who told me straight away when we started dating that he didn't do Valentines!  Oh okay then!  Fair enough.  I kind of respected him for that.  I'm not really that bothered to be honest.

That is why, I never really do a big thing about Valentines with my jewellery.  

But, there must be something that makes me want to treat myself.  I just find it therapeutic, or self rewarding.  I may have some damaged issues that have continued through to my adulthood.  I just think, whether it is Valentines Day, your birthday, Christmas or just a normal day, there is something special about buying something for yourself just because you want it and it makes you feel good.

So, I just want you say Happy Valentines this month.  I have my eye on a little something for myself.

I would love to hear what you do for Valentines and I can't resist a link (just in case).  Click here if you need any inspirations.
















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